Shaunna Randsall

Special Education-Directed Studies

Course Information:

Grade Level: K-12

Recommendation for Enrollment: IEP Team recommendation

Brief Description of the Course:

This course is designed to teach special education students specific skills that will enable them to be more effective, independent learners.

Under the guidance of a Special Education teacher, the course will emphasize self-esteem development and study skills.

Supplementary Instructional Materials:

Items listed below are commonly used as supplementary materials and are coordinated with the adopted course objectives:

1. Workbooks and other expendable instructional materials

2. Vocabulary and spelling lists

3. Classroom sets of fiction and non-fiction books

4. Audio-visual materials

5. Computers and software

6. Photocopied materials

Brief Outline of Course Content:

1. How to be a student

   a. Attitudes

   b. Organizational Skills

   c. Time Management

   d. Specific Individual Study Skills

Assessment Procedures:

Teacher-constructed tests, either written or oral, publisher tests, teacher observation or student performance, standardized tests, class activities, reports, homework, and checklists.