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Lesson Plans Nov 5-8, 2018

LITERATURE 104 period 7 is working on the Veterans' Day assembly this week. Coursework will resume next week with the next SAT vocab quiz and the poetry presentations. However, remember the reading journals are due now for the Raymond Carver stories.


English 7 Semester I   Quarter 2  Week 2  Nov 5-8, 2018            Period 6

QUOTES: Dreams/Goals

Mon, 11/5

No quote-M abs.


Lesson Plans Nov 5-8, 2018

Lit 104   Semester I   Quarter 2   Week 2   Nov 5-8, 1018      Period 7


Mon, 11/5

Add Found Vocab.


QUIZ: none. (Sorry, but I think we need to figure out the assembly.)

Next: VL8.

Poetry and essays continue next week.


Work on Veterans’ Day Assembly.


Lesson Plans Oct 29-Nov 1

Writing 121   Semester I   Quarter 2  Week 1  Oct 29-Nov 1, 2018   Period 1

Mon, 10/29





VOD recording is due today—during class.


Writing from Sources Ch 4 reading due and Ex 16.

Hdo: Plagiarism Sin: Quoting, Summarizing, Paraphrasing.

WS to complete for Monday, 11/5, BOC.

Source Essay(s) to read. Handout.

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