Faith Courtney - Mathematics

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The following are PDF files unless otherwise noted.

Welcome - Policies & procedures  (PDF)

Important Grade Facts (PDF)

Important Daily Work Facts (PDF)

Current Teaching Assignments:

Connections - sophomores   Google classroom code   ma63sft

7th grade Pre Algebra - 2nd period   Google classroom code  sv5nqgl

Geometry - 1st period    Google classroom code  jes45dz

Geometry - 3rd period   Google classroom code   u2tlnms

8th grade Pre Algebra - 7th period   Google classroom code   fygy3vt

Pre Calculus & OIT Mth 112 - 5th period   Google classroom code   kl3au6d

Algebra 2 - 6th period   Google classroom code   cgicxe7

Other District Responsibilities:

Sophomore Class Advisor

Graduation Advisor