Lesson Plans February 25,-28, 2019

English I    Sem II    Qtr 3    Week 6   Feb 25-28, 2019   Pers 3 & 4 

QUOTES: Helen Keller, again.


 Mon, 2/18


Sentence to right or write.

 Quote Quiz QQ

Double check which page of Greek roots are on the test this week.

POE tests returned.


Discuss The Miracle Worker & “How I Learned to See.”

Take notes.

Test tomorrow. Open notes and handouts and quotes.

 Tues, 2/19


Sentence to right or write.

Bring AR book to class . . .


TEST: The Miracle Worker & “How I Learned to See.”

Open notes and handouts and quotes.


Read AR after test.

Wed, 2/20


Sentence to right or write.

WPQ: Greek: act-cand; any prefix

Next: act-cand (same).



AR 20 of 40 AR points, Word List & Book Share for Qtr 3 are due by 3/13/19—during your class period.


Writing time if done quietly . . . QUIETLY.


3rd period: Writing Groups: Alpha draft is due TODAY by end of class—copies made for your editing groups.




Thurs, 2/21


Sentence to right or write.  


3RD PERIOD: Alpha reads drafts.

4th PERIOD: Verbals.





Writing 122   Semester II   Quarter 3   Week 6   Feb 25-28, 2019       Period 1

Mon, 2/25



Correct Worksheets from Ch 7.

Continue Ch 7 work.

Summary work--p129 Handout.




Read Marybeth’s essay. (pp133-4)

Partner to discuss; then write independently to answer questions.

Due Tuesday, 2/26.




Tues, 2/26



Discuss answers to Marybeth & more questions. Turn in individual answers.


Continue reading Ch7 to page 148. Stop & do questions. Then finish chapter.

Write out Class Discussion p148. You may again discuss with a partner, but must write your own answers. Due 2/27.


Finish Chapter 7 for class tomorrow.

Wed, 2/27





Discuss p148. Turn in.

Discuss rest of Chapter 7.

Assignment of a Rogerian Letter/Rogerian Argument (p145).


Brainstorm some ideas. Have one tomorrow?

Look again at Chapter 15.

We must use reliable, scholarly sources for our research.


Thurs, 2/28






Begin writing your Rogerian.

Due sooner rather than later.