Lesson Plans January 7-10, 2019


Writing 121  Semester I   Quarter 2  Week 10  Jan 7-10, 2019        Period 1

Mon, 1/7



Writing 122 begins.

Reading due: Chapter 1 pp2-15 from Writing Arguments.






Tues, 1/8







   Roleplay assigned.


Descriptive writing: QUICK assignment.

POV & word choice are the focus of this exercise.





Wed, 1/9








Act out the roleplay.




Work on the above writing.





Thurs, 1/10






Finish the above as needed.

Next reading/writing TBA:






Lit 104   Semester I   Quarter 2   Week 10  Jan 2-3, 2019      Period 7


Mon, 1/7

SAT VQ: Lesson 14 & Found vocabulary.

Next: Lesson 15.

Students who were absent for group work last week need to meet during Connections to exchange ideas and edit.


Final essays are due on Monday, 1/14.


Discuss Sophocles plays. Test Thursday—open book/notes.

Essay question ideas discussed for in-class test on Thursday.


Read SS7: Chopin: “The Storm” p116 rj for Wed.

Tues, 1/8

Add Found Vocab.






Poetry & Work day.

Look at lists of poems—handouts of new ones.

Read a few aloud. Discuss. Use ball toss and stick to the rules of discussion.


Last part of class is work time: read or write.

Wed, 1/9

Add Found Vocab.







Discuss “The Storm.”


Read more poems.


Thurs, 1/10

Add Found Vocab.







Final essay is due on Monday, January 14th.

Sophocles test. Open notes/books.


English I    Sem I    Qtr 2    Week 10   Jan 7-10, 2019   Pers 3 & 4 


 Mon, 1/7


Sentence to right or write.



Explain quotes and quote quizzes. QAIE’s coming soon.


Masque story due today: precis due: turn in.


Edgar Allan Poe video will be finished today!


Discuss stories as needed in each class.

Poems to read.

Groups decipher.


 Tues, 1/8


Sentence to right or write.


WPQ: Greek: cycl-hydr; any prefix

Next: Greek iatr-ped


More work on Poe literature.


 Wed, 1/9


Sentence to right or write.

Fall of the House of Usher play read today.


Discussions and poetry readings.


Read Poe’s “Cask of Amontillado” from textbook.

Use index to find page number.

Thurs, 1/10


Sentence to right or write.




All points for Semester I due today by end of your class period.


AR tests must be taken by 1/10/19 for Semester I– 40 AR points.

Word List & Book Share for Qtr 2 are due by 1/10/19—during your class period.



English 7   Semester I   Quarter 2   Week 10   Jan 7-10, 2019     Period 6


Mon, 1/7







Quote Quiz.

Turn in handout of pronoun worksheet.

Quick quiz on the story, “The Force of Luck”


Quote Collection is due Wednesday.

Cover page with your favorite quote, name, Quarter II 2019.

Back of cover page: legibly (color choices count here too) write a paragraph telling what the quote means and why it is your favorite. Due Thursday.



Watch A Christmas Carol



Tues, 1/8








Watch A Christmas Carol


Remember to get your quote pages collected.

Work on them during Connections if needed.

Wed, 1/9



No Quote.




WPQ: oct-poly and any previous prefixes: NEXT WEEK.

Next: post-super (new prefixes given on Monday for next week).


Finish A Christmas Carol



Thurs, 1/10






Reading Workshop

Book Share (Qtr 2), Word List (Qtr 2), and 40 AR points (Sem I)


Due by the end of your class on

January 10, 2019, THAT’S TODAY!





English II    Sem I    Qtr 2    Week 10   Jan 7-10, 2019   Per 5 


 Mon, 1/7

Quick review of sentences: worksheet completed in 5 minutes.

Graded by M. Then discussed.



Write essays—due January 9th.  An extra day from the original assignment.


Handout of poems. Read textbook information that surrounds assigned poetry—see page numbers on the handout of poetry. Learn how to read poetry aloud this week.

 Tues, 1/8


WPQ: Latin: cap-dict & any previous word part

Next: Latin: doc-ject


Personal essay due Jan  8th  9th.

Character study of your choice of 3 main characters from Julius Caesar.

Characterize three characters. Then characterize yourself/compare yourself to them.

This essay will NOT be read aloud or shared with others. Write in an honest way about what you have learned about these people—they were real not just characters—and about yourself.

Work on essay; due tomorrow.


 Wed, 1/9

Turn in essay today before you leave class.

Poetry reading practice on Wednesday—partners will present poems Monday. Also, partners will find another poem by the poet read—get it approved by Ms. M today or tomorrow—to add to the reading for Monday.






Thurs, 1/10






AR tests must be taken by 1/10/19 for Semester I– 40 AR points.

Word List & Book Share for Qtr. 2 are due by 1/10/19—during your class period.