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Please take the time to listen to your child read each night for a small amount of time. It really does make a difference in the classroom!



Bees with text Spelling

Hello First Graders!!  You found the spelling link to practice this week's words with limited FREE games and also the spot to take your test online if you so wish!  Please click on the link below!!

Miss you all!


Spelling Lists for the week of:   October 19th  - 22nd

Lesson 6:

Don't forget you can access learning games through this test link as well so that you can study your words during the week also!  









Crazy for First Grade

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I will post notes and activities that we are doing in class, as well as important reminders and messages! Please know that this is IN ADDITION to Class Dojo!!

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Sticky note with text reading reminder





Please remember that homework assignments and spelling packets/practice lists are handed out on Monday's and due back on Thursdays.  

1st Grade

Here's What We're Doing In Class:

Math: how the order of our addends does not change the sum!  3 + 2 = 5 and so does 2 + 3 = 5

Common terms to know: addends, order, sum, add, zerp

Language Arts: Possessive nouns.

Reading:achievement groups are in place and we're learning and growing in our reading skills.  Our reading skills are improving daily!!

Please continue to work on handwriting and writing nicely!

1st Grade Rocks

Our school year is off to a great start! We are wrapping up our first week of spelling tests and homework! We will discuss details of spelling tests and results at our first conference! Please stay tuned and don't panic if your student didn't do great on the first test!! It will improve :)

Spelling tests are difficult for many at the beginning of the year and as they learn the process for studying and memorizing many of the words and spellings, it does become easier. Please continue to practice at home with your child! Spelling tests are taken on a free website that I use called: I will have each list on that site by Mondays so if students have access to a computer and internet at home they are more than welcome to practice, however, it is NOT REQUIRED!

Kids Behind a ComputerKid Friendly Sites

Below are some of my favorite free sites to visit for children!

Rhyming Time: access this link to work on basic rhyming skills for beginning and emerging readers:

Math Link:  Think Central

Starfall Website Link: Starfalls

Special link for starfall: 2 vowel rule

 Ipad with alphabet                                     

Howard B. Wigglebottom Activity Page

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen

Education Links for Learning Games:


Science Volcano Links for kids:

Jungle and Ocean Animal Reports sites:

Sea Animals

Play, Learn, and Grow Together

Learning Resources for Parents:

I found a GREAT website if you are looking for some extra reading practice with your child. Dolch words or a more familar term "sight words" are words that students come to know and recognize simply by sight. These are often words that cannot easily be sounded out and are very common in their level of text! These words would be great to keep your student on top of things over the summer!! Follow the link below to see what I'm talking about!!

sight word list

A Great Website!

As we begin our spelling adventure, this website is very fun and exciting for your child to learn and practice his/her spelling words. It is well worth the time to follow the link below and check it out for your child's spelling practice! It is a fun, educational, way to practice the weekly spelling words! After Christmas vacation when we start our normal spelling practice, we will spend time in class going through some of the games and techniques so your child is very familar with how this works. He or she may need your help to type in the week's words, but after that they can practice, practice, practice!! I will always post the spelling words for the week on this page!

Spelling City website: the place to practice this week's words!!

If your child is talking about a fun, educational website that we practiced on in class, HERE IT IS!! As of January 3rd your child is working on this at least once a week in our classroom!!

Here's another education website that we will be working on in class during computer time too! Your child may want to try it at home!

First Grade Must-Must Spelling Words

Free Angry Birds online games: