Sara Dyche

Contact Information

You are welcome to contact me whatever way you prefer, but the best way to contact me is by email.


Google Classroom Codes

English IV  puxmi3s

English 8   sixkjmp

English III  en74p4s

English 10  zrzkwxa

English 7    4alx542

English I     pcel4eq


Lesson Plans and Handouts


English IV    Handouts

English 8     Handouts

English III    Handouts

Speech 10/English II    Handouts

English 7      Handouts

English I       Handouts


Link to the AR Website

Renaissance   Quizzes must be done at school.


Purdue OWL

Visit this website for helpful explanations on how to cite sources within writing, create a Works Cited page, and format academic papers. Make sure to use the MLA style guide.


Plagiarism Checker

Use Grammarly to check if you have adequately cited your sources! Remember, plagiarism is a serious offense and will earn you a zero in my classes.


Educational Background

M.A.T.  (2012) from Eastern Oregon University; major in Secondary Education, licensed in Language Arts

B.A. (2011) from Eastern Oregon University; major in English