InterMountain Online: Union

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InterMountain Online: Union is a new program of the Union School District in partnership with the InterMountain Education Service District (IMESD). It provides online, blended and independent school options for Union School District students. It allows learners to remain enrolled as students of the Union School District, while accessing a personalized and autonomous school program that meets their unique learning needs.

The program uses Canvas, a learning management system, with a personalized learning environment for each student: or

Benefits to accessing InterMountain Online: Union

  • Student remains enrolled in the Union School District
  • Access to local supports
  • Access to regional supports
  • Access to local school district programs (extra-curricular)
  • Access to local school district programs (inter-curricular)
  • Graduate with local school district
  • Co-op/network with local users
  • Personalized learning environment
  • Accountability
  • Credit recovery options

In addition, InterMountain Online: Union enables parents to participate in student learning though a parent user account. This account allows parents to monitor progress and access tools that help their student achieve success.


The online curriculum utilized by the students is Acellus, which offers over 250 Kindergarten thru 12th grade courses in a wide array of subject areas.

K – 5: core subject areas of Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies plus special education and ESL courses

Grades 6-8: includes a variety of core area courses, as well as special education and Health options

High School: courses consist of a wide array of core subject courses, as well as a comprehensive list of elective offerings and special education options.

The following link offers a sample viewing of specific courses and other information about Acellus curriculum:

For more information and/or support contact:

Carter Wells, Superintendent, Union School District  541- 562-5166

Chris Bettineski, Intermountain Online Program Coordinator, IMESD  541 -966-3195

IMESD Local Canvas Support Desk:

24/7 Canvas support: links to Canvas support are located on the left-hand side of the canvas login page